What is Bone Regeneration?

Bone regeneration involves on the process of building up the bone that are missing around your teeth.

If you are missing quality bone around the teeth, you will start to have wobbly teeth and lead to early loss of your teeth. By managing periodontal disease and appropriate bone regeneration, we may be able to save the teeth.

What does doing bone regeneration involve?

Bone Regeneration is a technique sensitive procedure and would require proper assessment with the specialist periodontist. This may involve considerations such as periodontal condition, smoking, diabetes, and health reasons.

If you are assessed to be able to do bone regeneration, the procedure will be approximately 1-2 hours on the chair.

What are some common Bone Regeneration techniques?

At Colin Street Periodontics, we aim to provide the latest technology and predictable successful techniques.

Two of the common techniques we provide

  • Bone Graft
  • This involves placement of bone materials around the tooth and to cover up with the membrane to fill the space with lost bone. This has been shown to integrate to your bone

  • Emdogain Growth Factors
  • This involves placement of growth factors that helps with the growth of your tooth when you were a baby. By placing growth factor to your tooth, it would help with encouraging your bone to regenerate

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